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NorCal Containers: Sacramento’s Best Priced Cargo Containers

Posted on 08 April 2016 by David

sacramento cargoAt NorCal Containers of Sacramento, California, the goal is to see our customers set up with shipping containers that fit their specific needs. Containers are suitable for the sizes of their shipments. A container might also have to satisfy special requirements depending on what the client is shipping and where: clothing, electronics, toys, etc. Our Sacramento cargo containers are both new and used but always affordably priced. We let clients decide between new containers and used ones which have been carefully inspected so they meet industry standards.

Sacramento and Beyond

NorCal customers come from three states: California, Nevada, and Oregon. Our clients have two choices of container length: 40 feet and 20 feet plus standard height or cubes to pack in more inventory. Consider the contents, and where and how they will be transported to your final destination. Clients choose from several types of cargo grades which represent the quality of container. There are standard cargo worthy containers, cargo worthy-plus, the wind and water-tight containers, and IICL which stands for Institute of International Container Lessors. Their rules pertain to the most stringent possible ratings on used containers. Containers are further graded upon the appearance of dents and scratches, plus the items they are suitable to ship or store such as food or garments; items that are vulnerable to weather or pests, for example. Wind and water-tight are actually one of the lowest possible grades, but at NorCal, this will still be a quality item at a reasonable price. “One Trip” hire refers to containers that have been sent from an overseas location filled with items for a single journey and are virtually new.

Delivery Types

Clients of NorCal Sacramento cargo containers can possibly arrange emergency delivery or next-day delivery if they are in a hurry because their own clients are demanding urgent turn-around. Feel free to call our office to find out about the availability of containers and prices.

Sacramento Service

Service starts in California but customers in all three states can and should expect the highest possible level of service. NorCal is in a position to make guarantees because:

• we do not hire trucks and drivers: we run a fleet and hire our drivers, which enables us to fully control the service clients receive
• containers are only released after we have inspected them personally
• NorCal is family-owned: our reputation means a lot to us and speaks volumes to customers

Competitive Container Pricing

Customers in the City of Trees and beyond will not find a better deal on new or used containers. Clients are right to wonder how a firm can secure such great pricing, but it is a simple matter of volume plus integrity. We buy large amounts of stock at one time. We also pay our own bills promptly. This enables NorCal to receive the best service from suppliers and to secure excellent prices which we can then pass on to clients in the three states covered. Another cost savings for us — and customers — is the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and trailers. Transportation with these late-model trucks and great fuel mileage reduces costs to us and creates an environmentally responsible fleet.

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