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5 Steps to Find The Right SEO

Posted on 25 June 2015 by David

About 10 years ago there were not many people that knew Online Marketing and SEO. Over the last 5 years this industry has boomed and become saturated. Here in the Sacramento California Capitol City, it was estimated that there were over 44,000 private businesses in Sacramento, in the year 2012.
While all these businesses will need online help, how can you find the right SEO or Online Marketing Agency?

1. First, go to Google and type in the keywords you’re looking for.( your keyword + your city or state) ie. Dallas Internet Marketing Company, California seo expert, seo San Francisco, etc etc

2. You can now see who is ranking themselves for keywords. You always want to make sure the company your hire is ranking themselves for local AND other competitive keywords.

3. Check their reviews. They should have testimonials on their site as well as 3rd party sites, such as LinkedIn, Google Local, and maybe even Yelp.

4. Pricing: A professional SEO is not going to be charging $199 or $500 a month. SEO is a big job and takes a lot of work, and how realistic is it to assume someone is going to build your business and increase your income, for only $500/month? It’s not realistic at all.

5. Make sure they specialize in SEO and are not a web developer. Web developers are not SEO specialists and vice-versa. You wouldn’t want to hire a car mechanic to remodel your bathroom, it’s just a different trade. So, don’t hire a web developer to do your SEO.

I hope these 5 tips were helpful, if you’d like more tips you can check out this video below for more tips on seo and web development.

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