White male with glasses owner of internetmarketingsacramento.orgHello and welcome to my website InternetMarketingSacramento.org where it’s Internet Marketing and SEO in Sacramento 24/7.

I am a Sacramento CA native and I love everything about Sacramento. It’s shops, restaurants, weather, and it’s close proximity to Tahoe.  I am fascinated by the world of Internet Marketing as well as SEO and Social Media.

This website is my blog and will feature all professional content on internet and business related topics.

Basically anything Techie oriented.  I like to watch the industry trends closely and write about things that I find interesting or buzzing.  I also like to write about local businesses that I personally know or hear of that are using the internet to help their business grow or doing something cool in their industry. If I recommend products, businesses, or services it is only because I used it or researched it and found it (them) to be of a high quality product, honest and ethical service or the like.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you like it and will stick around for a while.

Dave Thomas