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The Farm-to-Fork Capital: Sight Seeing In Sacramento, California

Posted on 08 June 2015 by David

Sunny Sacramento offers a vast array of tourist activities for those looking to explore, adventure, or simply unwind. You can visit railroad museums, tickle your palette with wines, or dine to your heart’s content in America’s so-called Farm-to-Fork capital. Home to some of the most impressive landmarks, historical attractions, and cultural haunts in the state, Sacramento sight seeing can never be dull.

California State Railroad Museum

Take a unique trip down memory lane when you stop by the California State Railroad Museum, which displays restored locomotives and railroad cars. Fascinating exhibits, including sleeper cars and fully furnished dining cars which visitors can explore, illustrate the rich history of railroads and how they have influenced California’s economy and culture today. There are model trains and child-oriented areas to keep kids entertained as well.


With more than 200 wineries within the city’s periphery, it is no great surprise that many tourists come to Sacramento for the wine. Many wineries are a one-hour drive away, and most offer free wine sampling.  Vineyard tours are also available, where tourists get to see the winemaking process in the company of fellow wine enthusiasts. Often, the winemakers themselves come to greet visitors personally, making for a more intimate and enjoyable experience.

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Sutter’s Fort evokes images of the olden days of the Gold Rush.  The park was named after Swiss immigrant John Sutter, whose efforts eventually established Sacramento’s earliest known settlement. A museum exhibit containing some of Sutter’s personal effects also offers an authentic glimpse of the pioneer’s life in early California.

Fairytale Town

A must-visit for tourists with children, Fairytale Town contains fairytale-themed areas, and two performing arts stages, among other attractions. It also has various animals like sheep and baby goats which kids can play with. Lastly, the beautifully landscaped learning gardens allow kids to enjoy a nice educational experience outside the classroom.

There’s never a shortage of fun activities to do when Sacramento sight seeing. Most of its tourist sites are not only steeped in American culture, but are also rightfully considered world-class. That being said, you should definitely consider adding Sacramento to your next vacation itinerary.

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Quick Customer Service Tip For Sacramento Businesses

Posted on 03 April 2014 by David

Customer service – how fast do they respond to messages left and are they easily reachable.  I always give my clients my cell phone number and they can reach me anytime, any good service provider should operate this way especially if your paying him/her big bucks.

However, many SEO companies are based overseas and for the most part the representative you may have met with, unless it was a phone consultation which is fine, I give phone consultations all the time as many prospects are out of state. But most companies have reps that sell the product and then are based overseas and customer service and performance suffers because of this.  

With these companies you will get he best bargain basement prices, but not the best results or service.
Usually these companies use automated link building which can actually hurt your site.

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Be in Control of Your Own Career by Working from Home

Posted on 08 January 2014 by David

So many folks would love to be in charge of their own life and work from home. And although so many would adore to quit their day job and start working at home to make a living, not many actually do it. They don’t know how to find work from home jobs Sacramento companies that offer great opportunities. Well, there is one right here that does give a person the chance to work from home and achieve their goal of being in charge of their own life – like, no more fighting traffic or going out in all weather. Working from home is a total blast! You are free to set your own schedule and free to come and go as you please. You can set it up to work when you aren’t at home but traveling. There is no limit to what you can do.

Now, you may ask – ‘What kind of work should I do?” Well, check out the Sacramento AdvoCare folks. Here is where you can make money by doing good things for people. And when you have such a win-win situation, life is good! You can relax knowing you are helping people, be happy knowing you are making the money you need to live the lifestyle you love, and be excited when you think of your future. No more catering to the boss and his or her desires. You are going to cater to your own desires. You are in charge of your life now, and work from home in the job of your dreams. Thoroughly check out the AdvoCare people and join up with this winning team today.

Remember, you will give others the opportunity to experience real health with the products you provide. Cleansing out the system is just the start, and once the body is all free of toxins, the person will go forward with more healthy products. You are helping them live longer! Just think. This is how you want to spend your life – helping others and doing well financially yourself. Let’s just start this business right now and waste no more time!

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Using the Google Disavow Links Tool

Posted on 16 March 2013 by David

Many of those who are trying to get their websites at the top of the search engines are asking about the Google Disavow Links Tool. They don’t seem to know what it is. But they have heard it is the way to fix their reputation with Google and have this major search engine look favorably upon them once again. So to answer the first question as to what the Google Disavow Links Tool is – it is easy. This tool is going to get rid of all the nutsy, spammy and irrelevant links that point to a website. This is important because Google is becoming like a finicky mistress and denying the recognition of sites that have these nasty links. It is affecting search results, and can end up sending a website down the long tunnel to Google results page four, five or thirty-nine with rapidity.

Google is smart. They analyze your website within an inch of its life. This analysis includes those sites that link to you that seem to be manipulated. Many SEO people will just go crazy finding every sort of link they can to point to your site, and once upon a time this may have worked. But no more! Google is really going out of its way to up the quality of search results. This makes sense when part of the reason they are there is to satisfy those who are searching the Internet for information. Companies have a tendency to want to please their customers and keep them coming back for more. Google is no exception.

However, the point here is you have to know how to use the Google Disavow Links Tool. It has to be used carefully because otherwise the whole thing can work against you in the long run. You really have to know what you are doing and do it with a skill and care that only SEO experts can usually manage. A company such as Kaizen Way Marketing has vast experience in solving matters such as this. The SEO ability of these marketing wizards can overcome all of Google’s advances and changes. They have proven it time and time again.

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5 Important Rules in Website Design

Posted on 13 March 2013 by David

When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose. Here are seven important rules of thumb to observe to make sure your website performs well.

1) Do not use splash pages

Splash pages are the first pages you see when you arrive at a website. They normally have a very beautiful image with words like “welcome” or “click here to enter”. In fact, they are just that — pretty vases with no real purpose. Do not let your visitors have a reason to click on the “back” button! Give them the value of your site up front without the splash page.

2) Do not use excessive banner advertisements

Even the least net savvy people have trained themselves to ignore banner advertisements so you will be wasting valuable website real estate. Instead, provide more valueable content and weave relevant affiliate links into your content, and let your visitors feel that they want to buy instead of being pushed to buy.

3) Have a simple and clear navigation

You have to provide a simple and very straightforward navigation menu so that even a young child will know how to use it. Stay away from complicated Flash based menus or multi-tiered dropdown menus. If your visitors don’t know how to navigate, they will leave your site.

4) Have a clear indication of where the user is

When visitors are deeply engrossed in browsing your site, you will want to make sure they know which part of the site they are in at that moment. That way, they will be able to browse relevant information or navigate to any section of the site easily. Don’t confuse your visitors because confusion means “abandon ship”!

5) Avoid using audio on your site

If your visitor is going to stay a long time at your site, reading your content, you will want to make sure they’re not annoyed by some audio looping on and on on your website. If you insist on adding audio, make sure they have some control over it — volume or muting controls would work fine.

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