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NorCal Containers: Sacramento’s Best Priced Cargo Containers

Posted on 08 April 2016 by David

sacramento cargoAt NorCal Containers of Sacramento, California, the goal is to see our customers set up with shipping containers that fit their specific needs. Containers are suitable for the sizes of their shipments. A container might also have to satisfy special requirements depending on what the client is shipping and where: clothing, electronics, toys, etc. Our Sacramento cargo containers are both new and used but always affordably priced. We let clients decide between new containers and used ones which have been carefully inspected so they meet industry standards.

Sacramento and Beyond

NorCal customers come from three states: California, Nevada, and Oregon. Our clients have two choices of container length: 40 feet and 20 feet plus standard height or cubes to pack in more inventory. Consider the contents, and where and how they will be transported to your final destination. Clients choose from several types of cargo grades which represent the quality of container. There are standard cargo worthy containers, cargo worthy-plus, the wind and water-tight containers, and IICL which stands for Institute of International Container Lessors. Their rules pertain to the most stringent possible ratings on used containers. Containers are further graded upon the appearance of dents and scratches, plus the items they are suitable to ship or store such as food or garments; items that are vulnerable to weather or pests, for example. Wind and water-tight are actually one of the lowest possible grades, but at NorCal, this will still be a quality item at a reasonable price. “One Trip” hire refers to containers that have been sent from an overseas location filled with items for a single journey and are virtually new.

Delivery Types

Clients of NorCal Sacramento cargo containers can possibly arrange emergency delivery or next-day delivery if they are in a hurry because their own clients are demanding urgent turn-around. Feel free to call our office to find out about the availability of containers and prices.

Sacramento Service

Service starts in California but customers in all three states can and should expect the highest possible level of service. NorCal is in a position to make guarantees because:

• we do not hire trucks and drivers: we run a fleet and hire our drivers, which enables us to fully control the service clients receive
• containers are only released after we have inspected them personally
• NorCal is family-owned: our reputation means a lot to us and speaks volumes to customers

Competitive Container Pricing

Customers in the City of Trees and beyond will not find a better deal on new or used containers. Clients are right to wonder how a firm can secure such great pricing, but it is a simple matter of volume plus integrity. We buy large amounts of stock at one time. We also pay our own bills promptly. This enables NorCal to receive the best service from suppliers and to secure excellent prices which we can then pass on to clients in the three states covered. Another cost savings for us — and customers — is the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and trailers. Transportation with these late-model trucks and great fuel mileage reduces costs to us and creates an environmentally responsible fleet.

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Sacramento Local SEO Announces Website Launch

Posted on 04 December 2013 by David

Local SEO specialist join together to launch new website deigned for delivering professional Internet Marketing Solutions. With a specific niche audience in Sacramento and the focus on conversions this Sacramento Seo team is sure to hit it big in the local markets. Headquartered in the Roseville California area, they are situated just north of Sacramento by about 25-30 minutes. Live webinars are scheduled to take place on a monthly basis with free giveaways to local attendees. For more information on these live events go here to visit them online.

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Red, green, and yellow party ballons

Choosing the Right Inflatables for Your Party

Posted on 13 May 2013 by David

Red, green, and yellow party ballonsWhen desiring to put on a lively and entertaining party for your little ones, you will want the entire event completely organized, with no hitches or glitches marring your special occasion. Renting bounce house inflatables makes your occasion the best it can be for the kids attending. But first of all, ensure you follow this invaluable birthday party checklist. When you do, you’ll find it simple to put on wonderful birthday or backyard party for children.

We here at Bounce House Jumper Party Rentals have been working with parents and kids for a long time, and we know how it is not always easy to throw a truly engaging and lively party that pleases those who come. However, when you get the right inflatable bounce house or combo, it can make all the difference.

Here are some ideas to help you pick the right jumper house for your group.

* If you are going to have a mixture of boys and girls, get two bounce houses – one for the girls and one for the boys. The Hello Kitty Bounce House is great for little girls and the Sports Combo Jump is great for the little boys.

* If all girls you should pick two bounce houses for the little ladies such as the Disney Princess Bounce House and the Pink Castle Combo which go great together.

* If all boys, the two top picks for them are the Super Heroes Wet/Dry Bounce House Slide Combo and the Cars Wet/Dry Bounce House Slide Combo. Boys just love super heroes! And you can have wet or dry play depending on the weather.

* If your event is being held on a hot summer day, you could do no better than getting one of the water slide combos such as the 12-foot Water Slide & Pool and the 18-foot Tropical Wet/Dry Slide.

Choosing the right bounce houses or combos is going to make a big difference in how the kids react to your party and whether they wander off and get bored or just enjoy themselves to the max. They can spend hours in the jumper inflatables having the time of their lives and letting their imaginations go wild. When you also use the birthday party checklist to get everything set up and ready to go, you are going to have a much more relaxing time of it all.

Remember, we service many communities in the Central Valley, including but not limited to Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Lodi, Stockton and Galt.

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Stockton California Needs Clean Office Spaces

Posted on 12 May 2013 by David

Stockton California has numerous businesses, serving the Central Valley and sometimes beyond. Workers in these businesses are happy to be a part of the Stockton community, and they work hard to make a living here in Northern California. They deserve clean work spaces. It is not something to even argue about. One Stockton cleaning service, Consolidated Facility knows well how important it is to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees. If restrooms are not kept clean, if break rooms are a hotbed of bacteria, workers can become ill and miss work. This hurts both the employees and the business owner. When staff miss work due to illness, the company suffers. Productivity is lessened. Morale is harmed. Turnover increases. It is not a pretty sight. So clean areas for employees go a long way to help a business succeed, particularly in these trying times of economic hardships.

Employees have families to support. Business owners have products to get out or services to render. Having ill workers takes away from successful business management. A sick employee is not bringing home a paycheck and is hurting his family as well as being miserable when ill. Stockton companies should and look at the types of services available for Stockton businesses. A cleaning service is the perfect way to ensure your workplace is safe and healthy. It is a smart move when you hire a janitorial service, because they not only will clean well, but will also help with maintenance. Consolidated Facility also has 24/7 emergency service for when the unthinkable happens. And it usually does at some time or another.

Another really great thing about a professional cleaning service is that they will do all the nasty cleaning that nobody else wants to do. They will effectively sanitize bathrooms. They will clean up that messy break room. They will do the window washing, carpet sanitizing, floor stripping and all those functions that turn off the hired cleaner, and those which the janitor on the payroll never seems to get to. Yes, janitorial services are the best way to handle your cleaning!

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Getting an Energy Audit in Sacramento

Posted on 27 March 2013 by David

Any home owner should get an energy audit from time to time. This is the way to ensure you will get optimum performance from your air conditioning system. This is called a “whole house” approach. The reason it is called that is because it takes the entire home into consideration when inspecting, identifying and repairing the comfort and energy problems in your home. Even the Environmental Protection Agency started a whole campaign on the subject. This is to improve energy efficiency and make sure homes are comfortable at the same time. Fixing any situations found would include competent AC repair Sacramento by experts.

An energy auditor would visit to do the process of an energy audit. They may also be called a building consultant or analyst. This is because they analyze what is happening with the efficiency of your air conditioner and heating elements. Energy Star is a big part of this program. You’ve heard of Energy Star of course. Many appliances and AC units and the like are marked with this status if they comply with regulations. You will find those at Airsmiths understand and operate by these regulations in all they do, too. They ensure your home is energy efficient and your equipment operates correctly.

When you are not getting the right performance from your AC or if you find your energy bills keep on going higher and higher, it is time for you to get an energy audit. The service person will check for energy use in your home, will look to the durability of your equipment and check your indoor air quality. He or she will look into any situations with moisture and solutions for such. It will be ascertained whether you are getting the comfort you deserve from your system. Once all these actions are complete, you may need to have some solutions put into action. But overall the cost should not be too much. It is worth the price to have your home using energy efficiently and your family comfortable and healthy. You will find that your attention is no longer on your energy bills or the comfort of your home.

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Exposure to Molds can be Dangerous

Posted on 13 March 2013 by David

photoWhen you are concerned about molds growing in your home, you want to take action and not just go into denial. Molds can release toxic spores, which when inhaled can cause allergic reactions. The toxins in the spores can actually cause illness, and often do when someone’s immune system is compromised. Molds can grow inside the home or outside, but it is the ones that are inside growing in damp places that can create adverse health effects. This is because you are in your home much of the time and the spores just circulate in the indoor air.

Of course, even outdoors you will notice how mold can affect you. For instance, if you are just raking up some moldy leaves, you can get the symptoms of flushed and itchy skin, eyes watering, and headaches. All this is temporary, however. Once you are done and go indoors or to another location, all the symptoms gradually disappear.

Some people react to molds by only getting itchy eyes and sneezing a lot. Others actually experience respiratory problems. Other symptoms of mold exposure can be memory loss, blindness or other eye damage and severe lung troubles. Some have said that cancer can result from exposure. Most of these more severe symptoms come from long-term exposure.

But that is exactly what happens when major amounts of mold and fungi are growing inside the structure of a house. The indoor air quality is bad, and exposure goes on and on unless you do something about it. The best way to handle any suspicion of mold in your home is to call a mold remediation company for help. Companies such as the popular one in San Francisco, All City Mold Removal Company, will do an inspection and any mold remediation necessary.

During inspection they will check all the hidden areas of the home for mold growth, such as in the basement behind walls, in the attic where the roof may have leaked and in damp rooms such as the kitchen or laundry spaces. It is important to have a professional do any remediation when the area covered is a large one, because just cleaning up the mold can release spores unless you are very careful.

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