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Starting an AC Repair Company

Posted on 10 April 2013 by David

Franchise managers at a local AC Company.If you are ready to start an air conditioning repair company, you will have to ensure you cover all the costs of doing business. There are a number of things you will have to research before beginning service. You will need particularly to get licensed. California will require you get a certification. Meanwhile, you can have others look that up for you while you get your supplies together. AC Repair Sacramento will require you have a full kit of the right kind of tools, and you must ensure you have the correct safety equipment. If you have employees, you must ensure they get trained so they maintain safety standards. You will need insurance. There is no getting around that requirement. If any injuries occur or anything in a home owner’s house is damaged, you have to have coverage. You will need parts and a safe place to store them as well.

Licensing requirements are a C20, which is entitled a Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Contractor. You will need to know the heating elements too, for the central heat and air units. This license will show you know how to install, maintain, service and repair warm-air heating systems, water heating pumps, AC systems and ducts and registers. There are other parts included. You have to study up on all this and know it cold. You can be sure the professional AC servicing company called Airsmiths went the full course and are now one of the top AC repair companies in Northern California.

Don’t get confused or overwhelmed by the work necessary to start your own AC company. It really is easy. Make a list of everything mentioned here and then do your own research and add to the list of other things you’ll need. Then one by one, get everything together, take you Contractor’s Exam and START! You will soon be rolling in the money. AC repair companies do great at pulling in the money. However, you will want to get repeat customers, so ensure your service men are the best and that your customer service is exemplary.

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