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Exposure to Molds can be Dangerous

Posted on 13 March 2013 by David

photoWhen you are concerned about molds growing in your home, you want to take action and not just go into denial. Molds can release toxic spores, which when inhaled can cause allergic reactions. The toxins in the spores can actually cause illness, and often do when someone’s immune system is compromised. Molds can grow inside the home or outside, but it is the ones that are inside growing in damp places that can create adverse health effects. This is because you are in your home much of the time and the spores just circulate in the indoor air.

Of course, even outdoors you will notice how mold can affect you. For instance, if you are just raking up some moldy leaves, you can get the symptoms of flushed and itchy skin, eyes watering, and headaches. All this is temporary, however. Once you are done and go indoors or to another location, all the symptoms gradually disappear.

Some people react to molds by only getting itchy eyes and sneezing a lot. Others actually experience respiratory problems. Other symptoms of mold exposure can be memory loss, blindness or other eye damage and severe lung troubles. Some have said that cancer can result from exposure. Most of these more severe symptoms come from long-term exposure.

But that is exactly what happens when major amounts of mold and fungi are growing inside the structure of a house. The indoor air quality is bad, and exposure goes on and on unless you do something about it. The best way to handle any suspicion of mold in your home is to call a mold remediation company for help. Companies such as the popular one in San Francisco, All City Mold Removal Company, will do an inspection and any mold remediation necessary.

During inspection they will check all the hidden areas of the home for mold growth, such as in the basement behind walls, in the attic where the roof may have leaked and in damp rooms such as the kitchen or laundry spaces. It is important to have a professional do any remediation when the area covered is a large one, because just cleaning up the mold can release spores unless you are very careful.

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