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The Farm-to-Fork Capital: Sight Seeing In Sacramento, California

Posted on 08 June 2015 by David

Sunny Sacramento offers a vast array of tourist activities for those looking to explore, adventure, or simply unwind. You can visit railroad museums, tickle your palette with wines, or dine to your heart’s content in America’s so-called Farm-to-Fork capital. Home to some of the most impressive landmarks, historical attractions, and cultural haunts in the state, Sacramento sight seeing can never be dull.

California State Railroad Museum

Take a unique trip down memory lane when you stop by the California State Railroad Museum, which displays restored locomotives and railroad cars. Fascinating exhibits, including sleeper cars and fully furnished dining cars which visitors can explore, illustrate the rich history of railroads and how they have influenced California’s economy and culture today. There are model trains and child-oriented areas to keep kids entertained as well.


With more than 200 wineries within the city’s periphery, it is no great surprise that many tourists come to Sacramento for the wine. Many wineries are a one-hour drive away, and most offer free wine sampling.  Vineyard tours are also available, where tourists get to see the winemaking process in the company of fellow wine enthusiasts. Often, the winemakers themselves come to greet visitors personally, making for a more intimate and enjoyable experience.

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Sutter’s Fort evokes images of the olden days of the Gold Rush.  The park was named after Swiss immigrant John Sutter, whose efforts eventually established Sacramento’s earliest known settlement. A museum exhibit containing some of Sutter’s personal effects also offers an authentic glimpse of the pioneer’s life in early California.

Fairytale Town

A must-visit for tourists with children, Fairytale Town contains fairytale-themed areas, and two performing arts stages, among other attractions. It also has various animals like sheep and baby goats which kids can play with. Lastly, the beautifully landscaped learning gardens allow kids to enjoy a nice educational experience outside the classroom.

There’s never a shortage of fun activities to do when Sacramento sight seeing. Most of its tourist sites are not only steeped in American culture, but are also rightfully considered world-class. That being said, you should definitely consider adding Sacramento to your next vacation itinerary.

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